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My CV in English

"I have been working domestic in Finland and internationally in a field of Sports and Health care industrials since 1991. Through out my working career I have experienced several positions and duties like: CEO of physiotherapy company group (currently), branding, marketing specialist, sales person, sourcing, Product manager, Product line manager, Product developer, Self-Employed person, lecturer (internationally), PE Teacher, PE Sports Instructor and Personal trainer. I have ability to work international and multi culture environment and I have been traveling around the globe. One of my speciality is that I have been manuscript and acting one of the main roles (20 years in between 1997-2017) in development of the outdoor fitness activity called Nordic walking (walking with poles). Population of Nordic walkers globally is 15 million. I have create several innovations which have been lead to the patent applications, patent, RCD`s and to the production line. For Suunto brand I have manuscript a special web tool for M-Serie heart rate monitors launch in year 2008. I´m a quick learner and I´m able to take challenges and carry those to the goal."

Work Experience

2015/9 - 2016/12 Savonlinnan FysioKulma Oy / CEO / Responsibilities: HR, business & finance activities, cash flow forecast, account receivables, strategic planning, budgeting, FootCare® and FysioKulma brand development, sales, marketing & PR activities in-house & exhibitions, all agreements, sponsorships, bank loans, insurances, web-store, FB, Instagram designs and layouts, all advertising layouts and designing for web, newspapers and other publications, sponsorships.

2012/10 – 2015/8 Marketing Specialist, Savonlinnan FysioKulma Oy / Responsibilities: FootCare® and FysioKulma brand development, sales, marketing & PR activities in-house & exhibitions, websites, web-store, FB, Instagram designs and layouts, all advertising layouts and designing for web, newspapers and other publications, partner agreements (FootCare®), sponsorships, budgeting of marketing & promotion costs.

2010 – 2012 As a self-employed person, Marko Kantaneva TMI / Responsibilities: Education, lecturing, group and personal training, non-fiction writer of books and articles, website design and layout, all advertising layouts and designing for web, publications, sales and promotion & marketing.

2004 – 2010 EasyFit OÜ, as a entrepreneur / Responsibilities: PoleAbout® and Marko-Marko Kantaneva® poles, pole straps & accessories, education, product ranges, product & brand development, business concept development, sourcing, marketing, sales, websites and web- store designs and layouts, Books, Internet services, sales & promotion.

2000 – 2004 Product Manager, Product Line Manager, Exel Oyj / Responsibilities: Ski and Fitness Poles, pole products ranges, product development, production, sourcing, branding, budgeting, cost management, marketing, B2B sales and the Head of Nordic walking education.

1995 – 2000 PE Sports Instructor, Finnish Sports Institute / Responsibilities: PE Sports Instructor, family and company courses, physical tests like; bicycle ergometer tests, muscular fitness and mobility tests, walking tests, feedback lecturing of test results training, packages for companies and other groups.

1991–1993 Punkaharju Grammar School and High School / Responsibility: PE Teacher in secondary level and high school.

Education and Qualifications

2017/9- HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences, Vierumäki Campus | Master degree of Sports Coaching
2015-2017 Institute of Marketing / Sales Qualification2013-15 Verutum Oy / Specialist Qualification, Marketing, Product Developer Specialist2003-09 HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences and focuses on physical education and leisure activities Bachelor of Sports1998-99 Finnish Sports Institute, Vierumäki / Professional Coach in Sports1998 F.A.F (Fitness Academy of Finland) / Personal Trainer1994-97 Finnish Sports Institute, Vierumäki / Physical Education Instructor1990-91 Tanhuvaara Sports Institute / Physical Education Instructor basics

Positions of trust

2000-2004 International Nordic Walking Association (INWA), Establish member, Head of education, Member of the BoardFinnish Sports Professionals association / SLA ry 2008 - 2013 2008 - Member of: Finnish non-fiction writers association2010 - Member of the board of the World Original Nordic Walking Federation (ONWF), Head of education.

Computer & Technical Skills

full administration of own PCknowledge of Macintosh and Apple computer products, keynote, numbers, page, iMovie programs.certain skills, installing and providing experience for operation system Windows: Vista, XP;certain skills, and working in software Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobathardware knowledge and installing to PC main hardware and devicesknowledge of office equipment,professional user of Internet, E-mailprofessional user of layout and design programs; Adobe illustrator, InDesign and PhotoShop programs.


Several special Ski and Nordic walking pole straps, handles and baskets leading to design protection and patent applications and patent.


English - fluent (written, oral)Finnish - nativeSwedish – fair understanding (written, oral)Estonian - spoken and reading well understanding, spoken well writing with dictionary

Core competence

Strong analytical and problem solving skills.Great sales performance.Excellent verbal and written skills.Good team building and leadership skills.Good training skills. Client management skills.Ability to identify and recommend improvements.Strong managerial skillsGoal oriented.

Personal characteristics

Great communication skills, responsible, honest, hardworking, highly motivated and flexible employee, easy to teach, happy and easygoing person, optimist with experience.

TV work experience

”Hyvän Olon aakkoset” script and performance in Finnish TV2 during the year 2000 season (52 weeks) and the rerun in a year 2003.

Interests and Activities

Writing & reading.

I´m daily based physically active in outdoors. Physically active lifestyle has been always important part of my life. It gives me the needed positive energy and mentally wise fresh mind for to work and everyday life use.


Available on request.