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End of excuses!

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Torstai 30.3.2017 klo 11:08 - Orig. Text: Marko Kantaneva, Translation: Elena Kantaneva

Today we are facing a major challenge in the world. The challenge is the aging of the population and the physical condition drop due to easier life style. Normal daily activity does not require much of today's man. Lack of natural physical movements will inevitably lead to lack of endurance power and muscle tone. Your whole body gets rusty and that limits your ability to move like an old engine. Health is replaced by disease treatment


Human beings are lazy and self-indulgent by their nature and always look for easy solutions. At the same time, have to admit, healthy laziness is quite alright. Our forefathers ended up their lives in graves at quite young age. Today, however, we go towards opposite direction. We live in perhaps longer, but how to enjoy life if we are constantly sick?

Man is created to move and use their muscles, heart and lungs. Without suitable regular activity our condition is deteriorates. Man should aspire to obtain not the peak condition, but the best possible condition appropriate to their age. Physical culture helps our bodies, temple of our souls, to get maximum joy from this life. When you listen to your body carefully, it begs you to move, take care of yourself. You remember, probably, how as being child or being young food tasted after outdoor activities. How after outdoor play or run ideas became sharp brighter and you did not have sleeping issues. Do you believe that it is all still possible today? 

To support health and vitality we would need to develop endurance and muscle tone. The question is - what type of training we should choose to achieve at the same time both good endurance condition and balanced muscle tone? The best results can be achieved with total body exercises, such as cross-country skiing, Nordic walking, Nordic inline skating, etc. I would not believe that you find, for example, that Nordic Walking is more harder than walking without poles, even though during the exercise you spend on average 20% more calories than walking without poles. Not to mention the additional work done by the heart when it comes into to oxygen uptake and larger amount of muscles involved. The pumping power of the heart and circulation are improved considerably while doing pole exercising at the same time the upper and lower body muscle groups are involved. By using poles you will have higher energy consumption your cardiovascular system works more complete and at the same time you develop your muscles strengthen throughout the body. All in one. For effective all year-round pole sports exercises is good to combine at least, Nordic walking and Nordic skiing.

Even if you are not so young anymore it is still good to develop sports basic techniques and different variations of those. No worries, good skills, more joy, co-ordination and balance are coming along by itself with a quality training. Performance rhythm and timing will improve confidence and give a space for the rest. When you exercise, following the right technics and rhythm, results are easy to reach. Time goes by without stressing and at the same time your conditions increases and brings you joy and happiness in every aspect of life. 

The biggest mistakes for the beginners is to do too intensive trainings. It is also good idea to have a realistic view of your own physical condition. To avoid exercising too much, focus first to improve your skills all in peace. In order to prevent overload of exercise and injuries concentrate more on developing your techniques and you will reach your goal of better physical condition along the way as well.

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