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Exercising but physical condition does not develop? The reason may be this!

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Keskiviikko 29.3.2017 klo 10:29 - Marko Kantaneva, translation: Elena Kantaneva

You should do Programming, if and when you want to get the result from training. It also allows you to notice that training is incorrect and your conditioning is not improving despite of training.
The purpose of training program is to keep you focused. Being focused means train regularly. Programming provides training objective and purpose. Training should not be seen as a stress,  but each exercise should be done with pleasure. Sometimes it is good to slow down and enjoy the surroundings and atmosphere while training. 

To exercise for the result applies the same rule as for any goal oriented activity. Exercise requires practice, experience and learning. So if good condition is wanted you need to exercise to achieve your goal. Do not compare your own fitness routine with others or try to keep up with the others. Focus on your situation and improve your own conditioning.

Exercising decrease conditioning level - yes!

During the fitness exercise condition will not rise but fall. So, you're in worse physical condition after exercise than before. The exercise stimulates respiratory and cardiovascular systems and musculature.
When your body gets enough food and rest after exercise, condition level will increase. Nothing, however, will change overnight. Permanent changes in your body demand permanent stimulation. 

Do not underestimate the rest!

You do not progress as much as you could, for example, if you fail to rest, train regular and follow proper nutrition or if you do exercise too much that you have blood taste in mouth.  
The danger is that condition does not improve significantly, or at least not very quickly.
It may be that too hard or too rare exercise will take your condition down.
What do we learn from this? Slow pace and regular exercise leads to great condition.

How often should you exercise?

The basic rule is that;
  • one time a week exercise, which causes a slight breathlessness and sweating and lasts continuously for about 30 minutes or more maintains the current physical fitness level.
  • Two times a week of exercise to improve your fitness.
  • Three times a week already develops considerably condition. 
These basic rules are suitable for endurance or muscle strengthening training.

Ask Marko and get more information on programming.